Workshop Description:

An art print inspired the design which is divided into sections with a different texture developed in each area. Color blocking further highlights the divisions decorated with wired braid in scroll work patterns, open to individual stitcher’s interpretation.

Stitchers Used:

Herringbone squares, Indian stripe, Rhodes, Amadeus, Jessica, Walnetos, waffle, battlement couching, pavilion diamonds, couching rice, teardrop crescents reverse teardrop crescents, criss cross Hungarian, Smyrnas, Milanese, Hungarian ground, fly stitch and ray stitch.

Kit Includes:

18. Ct. mono deluxe sandstone canvas, Presencia #8, pearl cottons, cotton flosses, Kreinik #8/#12/wired braids, Rainbow “Gallery Neon Rays, Panache, Silk Lame Braid. Design size: 8” X 6”, 144 X 108 stitches. Ghosts welcome!

Skill level:

Intermediate to Advanced


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