Celebrating 35 Years Of Stitching

WELCOME TO the san diego chapter of
the american needlepoint guild


Celebrating 35 years of stitching, SDANG continues to evolve and expand as we celebrate the Art of Needlepoint. Using the latest technology as well as in-person sessions, our programs and workshops inspire, educate, and delight members all across the country.

As a nonprofit organization, SDANG fulfills our mission of providing education and cultural development through participation in and encouragement of interest in the art of needlepoint.

The history of Needlepoint continues to evolve. Examples of early needlepoint were found in Egyptian caves dating back to 1500 B. C. In the 16th Century, needlepoint was a luxury, a sign of status. Needlepoint Tapestries were found in the finest palaces and estates. In the 17th and 18th Centuries bargello took off! Many of us have read novels showcasing women in those eras stitching together.

We’re currently in a Needlepoint Renaissance! Techniques, tools, and designs flourish. Local Needlepoint Shops (LNS) and on-line venues proliferate. Women, men and children now stitch on designs and canvases available for everyone, everywhere.

SDANG leads the way!

Socialize & Have Fun

We love having fun, whether on Zoom or in person, our meetings are a delight!

Create Your Own Gifts

Learn a new skill, and use it to design and create your own gifts!

Get Discounts

 Members get reduced fees on workshops, events, and more!

Our Monthly Meetings

  • offer opportunities to make friends with like minded members took off period
  • provide training in new techniques and tools
  • offer insights into the background and future of the art
  • often include expert guests and original designs

Our Members

  • are beginners, experts and everything in between.
  • attend workshops with nationally known designers and teachers.
  • socialize and stitch together
  • pay reduced prices for workshops and events
  • must be members of the American Needlepoint Guild with added benefits
  • keep up to date with a monthly newsletter and the Needle Pointer Magazine.



To be eligible for membership in SDANG, you must also join the national organization, American Needlepoint Guild. The ANG membership number must be filled in on your membership form. Please go to our membership page to join or pay dues.

News and Announcements

Canvas Tape Sale

We have a limited supply of SDANG canvas tape rolls, ¾” wide by 60 yards long.  Support your favorite needlepoint chapter by wearing our name on your canvases!

Purchase Your Tape Here with Paypal


Chapter Meetings Resumed

Our monthly cheetings are back via Zoom! They are held on the second Tuesdays with “social time” starting at 6:30 pm and the Chapter meeting starting at 7:00 pm. The zoom links are emailed to chapter members and if you haven’t received any of our emails, please contact membership@sdang.org or programs@sdang.org.

Open Stitching

Open Stitching – Although COVID-19 has prevented face-to-face gatherings, we’ve created stitching meetings via Zoom. They are scheduled for 2nd and 4th Sundays from 12 – 4 p.m. PST. And for night owls, we’ve scheduled “Pajama Party Stitching” from 10 – 12 midnight. Please check “My Calendar” for the dates and times.

July Information

July Program – The winners of the July Quarantine Competition will be announced! 19 members submitted 43 photos to be judged in 8 categories. Big thanks to the judges: Judy Boland and Lenora Goodliffe for making these difficult decisions. And more thanks to the committee members: Merry Jackson, Jo Ann Jackson, Chris Loudon and Shirley Chin for their work. To see all the entries, click here: https://sdangprograms.groups.io/g/main/photos. If you can’t access the link, contact Jo Ann Jackson: secretary@sdang.org. Just like the Oscars, you can guess the winners in these categories and win a special prize:

  • Best Q. Piece
  • Oldest Stash
  • SDANG Chapter Project
  • Counted Canvas
  • Counted Linen Cyber/Virtual Class
  • Painted Canvas
  • Holidays’

To see the rest of 2021 has in store for us, go to the Programs Page

Sunday Social Time

Join us on the second and fourth Sunday afternoons of each month via Zoom.  Show off your latest stitching, meet members from across the country and spend some pleasant social time.

Chapter Project Book Challenge

There is a request to form a group to stitch from the 2017 chapter project booi: Earth Air Fire Water by Jennifer Riefenberg. If there’s anyone else interested, please email Shirley Chin, programs@sdang.org. We will have a special zoom meetings for stitching. Thanks, Shirley Chin, Program Chair.

Open Stitching

Join us for “stitching socials” via Zoom. Check the My Calendar  page for dates and times. And for night owls, try “Pajama Party Stitching” from 10 – 12 midnight.

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