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Rhapsody Workshop by Debbie Rowley

Registration is closed but needleminders still on sale!

Rhapsody Needleminder

When and Where:

2612 Daniel Ave. SD, CA 92111 – Saturday & Sunday, October 21 – 22

Workshop Description:

An art print inspired the design which is divided into sections with a different texture developed in each area. Color blocking further highlights the divisions decorated with wired braid in scrollwork patterns, open to individual stitcher’s interpretation.

Stitches Used:

Herringbone squares, Indian stripe, Rhodes, Amadeus, Jessica, Walnetos, waffle, battlement couching, pavilion diamonds, couching rice, teardrop crescents reverse teardrop crescents, criss-cross Hungarian, Smyrnas, Milanese, Hungarian ground, fly stitch and ray stitch.

Kit Includes:

18. Ct. mono deluxe sandstone canvas, Presencia #8, pearl cottons, cotton flosses, Kreinik #8/#12/wired braids, Rainbow “Gallery Neon Rays, Panache, Silk Lame Braid. Design size: 8” X 6”, 144 X 108 stitches. Ghosts welcome!

Skill level:

Intermediate to Advanced

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