May 16-18, 2020, Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, Michele Roberts

This exquisite goldwork piece is stitched with raised gold bullion, metallic threads, crystals, glass beads and pearls. The finished design is 7x7". If you are an intermediate to advanced stitcher, you will want to stitch this beautiful piece. Please click here for a more thorough description. Scroll down to register.


It is not necessary to be a chapter member to register for this workshop. Costs for this workshop are as follows:

$180 Members attending, already renewed for 2020
$201 Attending, workshop registration and membership for 2020-21
$195 Members already renewed, not attending, plus shipping
$216 Not attending, workshop registration, 2020-21 membership and shipping
$245 Nonchapter members, attending
$260 Nonchapter members, not attending, plus shipping

Goldworkl Butterfly