Upcoming Programs

The following is a partial schedule of the year's activities:


The February program will center on celebrating Chinese New Year, Year 
of the Rat!  We will demonstrate how to finish a 4" stitched circle into 
a fortune cookie. We will also hand out a limited number of canvases 
with a drawn circle will be distributed to help you get started or you can bring a stitched 4" circle.  It's a great way to use up your stash.

Fortune Cookie

March and April

This is a beginners class designed to introduce stitchers to the basic techniques of goldwork. Participants will learn the following techniques: applying felt padding and string padding, couching metal threads, using pearl purl, chipwork, and cutwork.This class is a great option for those who wish to acquire basic goldwork skills before the upcoming Michele Roberts butterfly class. 

I am using a 7.5" embroidery hoop by Hardwicke Manor that is 5/8" thick and wrapped in twill tape, this is the type of hoop I recommend, however students may choose to use any type of embroidery hoop of a similar size.

Students will need to bring:

*An old/cheap pair of scissors that they don’t mind dulling by cutting metal thread.
*Sharp pair of embroidery scissors*A Mellor 
*A needleminder. 
*A notebook/paper to jot down notes if they like. 
*A 7.5"- 8" embroidery hoop.
*A supplementary light source.
*A support stand for their hoop that enables you to work with both hands free.

Provided Materials:

*Wool felt (not acrylic) in yellow for felt padding sample.
*Crochet cotton string in yellow for string padding sample.
*Yellow spool of guterman thread
*Needles, sharps #10.
*Beeswax for conditioning thread.
*A swatch of velvet for cutting purls on.
*Rough purl #6
*Bright check #6
*Passing #6
*Pearl purl size 1
*Silk Dupioni backed with muslin

Cost of supplies for participants will be $35 each.

Goldwork class

Incentive Program

For 2020, SDANG is encouraging all members to participate and get rewarded for going the extra mile on behalf of the chapter. Members will earn tickets towards fabulous prizes. Out-of-area members are encouraged to participate.  At the 2020 Holiday party, the winners’ names will be drawn and prizes distributed. The more tickets you earn, the better your chances!  Lee Ryan will be tracking each member’s progress.

Ways to earn tickets: ·

*Meeting attendance - 1
*Assisting the workshop chair at a workshop - 3
*Bringing a new member - 10
*Volunteer on board projects - 10
*Leading a chapter program-10
*Demonstrating/staffing outreach events - 1 ticket per hour. 
*Finishing a program project - 5. 

This list may change from time to time.

Special Projects:

  • Help in creating a small beginner needlepoint project for the chapter to teach at the Del Mar Fair.  You’re not required to demonstrate at the fair, but help teach the demonstrators  and the chapter will pick up all the supply costs. Duration is a few meetings. Out-of-area members are encouraged, too.  We can meet over facetime.   Contact Shirley Chin at programs@sdang.org. You’ll earn 25 tickets.
  • Be on the Downton Abbey workshop committee. We’re looking for individuals to help with high tea (Laura Breen is one of the volunteers), decorating tables, prizes, and workshop.  Contact Shirley Chin at programs@sdang.org  Each member will earn 5 tickets. 

Among the prizes to be awarded are: · Halo Bolt charger · Class sessions with Nancy Horne · Gift cards · Needlework accessories · Other surprises! Contact Lee Ryan or Shirley Chin if you have any questions or suggest prize items.