New chapter mambers must belong to ANG national before joining SDANG. To join the American Needlepoint Guild, contact Matthew Pastore, Membership Coordinator at or call 856-380-6911. ANG National dues are $45.00 annually ($52 after 5/1/2020) and include the bimonthly Needlepointers magazine along with many free and discounted stitching opportunities.

THIS FORM IS FOR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION ONLY. Click here for a printable version.You must click on the submit button to process your membership. It MUST be sent electronically even when paying by check. You may include a printed copy with your check if you so desire to assist in processing your payment, but it must still be submitted by clicking on the submit button. Our chapter dues are $21 per year and our membership year runs from May 1st to April 30th.  Send checks payable to SDANG to: Membership, 3762 Vista de la Bahia, San Diego, CA, 92117

Dues are pro-rated for FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY. A new member is defined as someone who has never previously belonged to the chapter. Dues are prorated as follows: May 1 – July 31 $21 , Aug 1 - Oct 10: $16 , Nov 1 - Jan 31: $11 , Feb 1 - Apr 30: $5 . Two year option: $42. April will be included with next year's dues.

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This form MUST be submitted electronically even when paying by check. Go to our Membership Page to pay by PayPal. Send checks payable to SDANG to: Membership, 3762 Vista de la Bahia, San Diego, CA, 92117.  

By clicking the Submit Form button, I am agreeing to ANG's standard release form regarding photography of my stitched work. Specifically, I expressly permit SDANG to use photography of my work in any manner that SDANG shall deem fit and desirable, including but not limited to, SDANG publications such as the chapter newsletter, SDANG website or in SDANG slide/CD presentations. I understand that I will be given credit for my work. I also promise to indemnify SDANG for any action resulting from the improper appropriation of copyrighted material by myself as it relates to the piece covered by this release.