Special Events

2018 Makers Faire at Balboa Park

 2018 Makers Faire at Balboa Park


The Makers Faire is the weekend of October6 & 7. This will be our 3rd year teaching Cross Stitch, Embroidery and Needlepoint. We had a great kitting event during Open Stitching.

Thank you to the 10  volunteers that spent 3 hours cutting thread for all the Children’s, Embroidery and Tudor Rose Cross Stitch kits. I feel very confident that we have plenty of kits for both days of the Makers Faire.

The Makers Faire has organized 11 Makers zones this year and we will be located in the Museum of Man which is the Human Made Zone. Our location will be the same 2nd floor location as 2016.

We are still in need of Volunteers to teach on both days. The Makers Faire requires a Maker to work 6 hours to qualify for a wristband for free admission. All Teachers will have a 1 hour lunch break during their shift so will actually teach for 5 hours. The Makers Faire hours are from 10am to 6pm, Teacher shifts are from 10am to 4pm or noon to 6pm.

You will be teaching 20 minute lessons and be able to choose to teach either children or Adults. Children under the age of 9 usually require a one on one lesson. Older children can be taught in groups of 2-3 depending on skill level. Teens and Adults are taught in groups of 2-4. Each Teacher will have her own table for teaching and a supply of kits.

The sign up list and models of the kits we are teaching will be at the September meeting.

Please email Margi with any questions or to sign up to teach at the faire.