Upcoming Programs

Our new program chairs have some very exciting ideas for 2019! Thank you to this energetic new team.

*We will have a series of programs on needlepoint tools: laying tools, stitching frames, different types of threads and how to use and optimize them.

* We will have interesting guest speakers.

*We will do a three group band samplers, one on 13 ct, one on 18 ct and one on Congress cloth. Each member will take a sampler home for a month to stitch a band of her choice from the provided threads. At the end of the year, we will provide instructions for all the bands.

The following is a partial schedule of the year's activities:

April 9 - There will be a short presentation on the history of the sampler as a needlework form and then we will introduce the SDANG Friendship Band Sampler Project.

May 14 - Jill Rigoli, nationally and locally recognized Needlepoint “Canvas Enhancer” will conduct Studio Time with SDANG members. Bring your canvas that has stumped you in the past. Jill will guide us in her thought processes on suggesting new threads and/or stitches.

June - Janet Stewart will be leading the program on dyeing fabric. She will introduced traditional and unusual ways to dye fabric. Be sure to bring some along to dye.

July 9 - Banana Float Social – Yes, you’ve read this right! Come for a real banana split and get “Sparks of Joy”. In 2019, Japanese organizing consultant and bestselling writer of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Marie Kondo brought her unique KonMari Method of organizing and tidying to Netflix with her new show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The Netflix episodes sparked thousands of people to declutter their households and be thankful for both what theykepy and what they discarded. We are going to use the KonMari method with our needlepoint stash. Bring your projects don’t spark joy anymore to swap with other members. Get/give other sparks of joy from others. Encourage your friends to come if they want to start a needlepoint passion.

August 13 - San Diego Chapter American Needlepoint Guild and Muchas Manos de San Diego are jointly presenting a  guest speaker, Mikee Ritter, member of the St. Ives Historical Society who promotes the lifestyles, arts and crafts of Renaissance period. She will discuss and demonstrate how spinning,weaving and stitching were utilized by the people in this fascinating time period. Mikee will also give you tips on how to  thoroughly enjoy a Renaissance fair.  Be ready to be amazed by her wealth of knowledge and stories!

September - 10 TBD

October 10 -Studio Time with Nancy Horne, the "Canvas Whisperer". Nancy is requesting those interested to send in a picture to me by October 5 at Programs@sdang.org. It will help her to kow what your canvases look like prior to the meeting.

November 12 - Gold work Stitching Fundamentals Part I, padding/chipping boxd.

December - Holiday Party

January 2020 - Gold Work Stitching Fundamentals Part II