Upcoming Programs

The following is a partial schedule of the year's activities:

June 11 - Janet Stewart led the program on dyeing fabric using traditional and unusual methods such as shaving cream.

Janet Stewart

Dyed FabricDyed fabric

July 9 - The Banana Split Social and Swap meet provided fun and calories for all!

August 13 - San Diego Chapter American Needlepoint Guild and Muchas Manos de San Diego jointly presented a  guest speaker, Mikee Ritter, member of the St. Ives Historical Society who promotes the lifestyles, arts and crafts of Renaissance period.


September - 10 Our September meeting promises to be very rewarding. We will have "Studio Time" with Nancy Horne, the "Canvas Whisperer". Nancy is requesting those interested to send in a picture of their canvas by September 5th to Programs@sdang.org. Nancy will look over your photo so she is prepared to offer you advice at the meeting.

October 10 -The SDANG October meeting was a presentation by member Sharon Meng on the color wheel and how to choose appropriate colors for your needlework. .

November 12 -

Our November Chapter meeting will be a follow-up to our October session on the color wheel and how to choose compatible colors for a stash project. Those attending the meeting are asked to please bring the threads they have selected from their stash to do the Ort Box. We will review color choices and take a look at the Ort Box pattertn

For a link to Sharon Meng's presentation, go to https://youtu.be/67IZpylsQdw

The Ort Box was designed by Marilyn Owen. This is a small collapsible box for collecting those pesky thread ends when you're stitching. SDANG is offering to chapter members only the Ort Box stitch guide via pdf at no cost if you register by the deadline. Alternatively, SDANG is offering the Ort Box with a Twist stitch guide via pdf at a cost of $15.00.  This newer stitch guide by Marilyn Owen includes a pocket. Both are stitched on interlocking canvas.  It is recommended that you choose new threads or threads from your stash using the principles of the color wheel. If you would like to participate in this project, please contact Nancy by email at workshop@sdang.org . Payment for the Ort Box with a Twist can be made by a PayPal invoice or check. Please mail checks to Workshop Registrar, 3762 Vista de la Bahia,  San Diego, CA 92117. The deadline for registration for either stitch guide is October 30th. No late registrations will be accepted.


13x16 inch interlocking canvas on stretcher bars
22 and 24 tapestry needles
Impressions or similar thread, 2 values in color A
Impressions or similiar thread, 2 values in color B
Kreinik braid #8 in the darker value of color B
12x18" piece of cotton fabric for lining , in a color that nlends with thread used for borders and binding
Sewing thread to match fabric, sewing needle
Optional: lightweight fusible interfacing
Optional: Copic pen to color canvas if you do not wish white canvas to show

Ort box with a Twist

Ort Box

December - Holiday Party

January 2020 - Gold Work Stitching Fundamentals