Upcoming Programs

2018 Chapter Projects

For 2018, we will be doing four smaller projects, each a little different and sure to interest our members. These projects will last 2-3 months and can be completed as stash projects or with newly purchased threads. There will be something for everyone to enjoy! Instructions for these pieces will be emailed to interested chapter members.

Corners and Curves by Lorene Salt

Corners and Curves

This intermediate level piece is a study in string art needlepoint stitches such as Jessicas, Fleur-de-Lis, Chilly Hollow and layered borders. Email Programs@sdang.org if you wish to participate.

Autumn Kimono by Margaret Bendig

This beautiful 5"x5" piece will be provided cost free to SDANG members only. Registration for this program is now closed.

Autumn Kimono

Alternate colorways:

Blue: Threadworx #11381, Anchor floss # 410, 433, 1090, Kreinik #029L, #1/16 or #8/12 (choose one size).

kimono blue

Lavender: Threadworx #10383, DMC floss #333, 340, 341, Kreinik #5540, #8/12 or 1/16 (choose one size).

kimono lavender

Yellow: Threadworx #1107, DM Anchor floss #303, 302, 301 and Petite Sparkle Rays #PS80.

Kimono yellow


Flutterbye by Kurdy Biggs

This delicate intermediate piece is a sampling of complex stitches including Rhodes, Jessicas and Crescents and is enhanced with beads. The finished piece is 4"x5"


Ottoman Triad by Denise Beusen

Ottoman Triad is an advanced intermediate piece that uses Couching, Laid Filling and Ottoman embroidery. The piece expores color theory. The completed piece is a 5"x7" oval.

Ottoman Triad

Overdyed Spools by Melita Gavin

This 8"x10" piece is sure to delight basic intermediate stitchers. The piece focuses on learning to control overdyed threads and is a great stash project.

Overdyed Spools