Upcoming Programs

The following is a partial schedule of the year's activities:

June 11 - Janet Stewart led the program on dyeing fabric using traditional and unusual methods such as shaving cream.

Janet Stewart

Dyed FabricDyed fabric

July 9 - We're going to practice the Marie Kondo method of needlework swap while enjoying banana splits. If some of your projects don't spark joy anymore, bring them in to swap with other members. Share with us how your needlework has evolved. Even if you have nothing to swap, feel free to make a deal!

August 13 - San Diego Chapter American Needlepoint Guild and Muchas Manos de San Diego are jointly presenting a  guest speaker, Mikee Ritter, member of the St. Ives Historical Society who promotes the lifestyles, arts and crafts of Renaissance period. She will discuss and demonstrate how spinning,weaving and stitching were utilized by the people in this fascinating time period. Mikee will also give you tips on how to  thoroughly enjoy a Renaissance fair.  Be ready to be amazed by her wealth of knowledge and stories!


September - 10 Introduction to the color wheel

October 10 - Color wheel stitching project

November 12 -Studio Time with Nancy Horne, the "Canvas Whisperer". Nancy is requesting those interested to send in a picture to me by October 5 at Programs@sdang.org. It will help her to kow what your canvases look like prior to the meeting.

December - Holiday Party

January 2020 - Gold Work Stitching Fundamentals